Thought Recognization In Progress
Hey, Cloudy!
Introducing Cloudify, the first Brain-Computer Interface App that helps creative spirits to record, share, and connect to new ideas instantly, at any time. Compatible with all BCI devices. AI thought recognization technology with the most capable security structure. Available at all mobile, desktop, and VR stores. Let’s see what this thing can do.
The Cloudify App's home page shows idea banks on top and the latest updates on the bottom. Check out all creative thoughts that you might miss otherwise! And, of course, edit or delete anything that's no longer your interest. Remember, you can always perform these functions without touching your device by thinking, "Hey, Cloudy!" following your request.
Never miss an idea.
Think “Hey Cloudy” wherever you are, and tell Cloudy what’s your idea. Cloudify helps you to note down your thoughts into existing idea banks or create a new idea bank. With Cloudify, you don’t have to get off your bed and grab your phone to type down that important thought.
Think Screen
Think "Hey Cloudy!" following your thought to add a new idea. Or else, use your device and click the Add icon to add a new idea by talking or typing. Cloudify automatically transforms thoughts into organized sentences with highlighted keywords.
Get the coolest notification of all time.
Think “Hey Cloudy, tell me about something fun.” Cloudify will go through your private and public idea banks to remind you about your past ideas and update you on the world trending new ideas. Cloudify communicates to you by finding your nearest device and use the device speaker. You can also set notification frequencies to get customized notifications.
Explore trending ideas bank that may be your interest. At Cloudify, you can find inspiring and creative ideas, from small creative ideas to the most trending technology. People come to share their ideas by saying "what if" and "yes, and..." Press any idea bank that interested you and add it to your list!
Future of Idea Sharing
What does idea-sharing mean in 2045 and beyond? How can a product designer, an inventor, or an entrepreneur get her idea out there? We propose a future where good ideas will never be silent. Download Cloudify today and test it out.